W H Y . D O N ‘ T . Y O U ?

Why don’t you, cover me up?
With your expanse, be my sky.
Why don’t you, tease me then,
With little gestures, reaching down?
Why don’t you, blind me now,
And let me guess, what you’re upto?
Why don’t you, come over me?
To weigh me down, till I sigh.
How I wish you come back.
Why don’t you?

– KV


B O R N . O F . D A R K N E S S

While the lights tried to outshine,
With all that noise and dazzle, a few,
Meek subtleties, preferred the quiet.
Peeking at you, and still remain unseen.
They murmur, in audible undertones.
Silently, in harmony, they expose.
And yet there absence is so fierce!
That these lights seem flagrant.
How often we just see the bright,
And do not question, what if?
Darkness was the mother, of all that shines?


M A K I N G . M E M O R I E S


C O G N I T I V E   T R E A S U R E S


The best part about making memories,
Is the greed for forever, the mad urge
To freeze that moment, for a lifetime.
To pause time and be fixed within it!
To passionately chase racing clocks.
To seize every possible figment then.
To give in, as if there’s nothing better
To live for and savour each moment.
To die for those who’re around you.
To write a tale, noone could ever write.
To cherish the unimaginable joys.
To witness something, so vividly unrealistic, that it’s always impossible to believe.


Loneliness is beautiful,
It blooms and withers,
And still stands a winner.

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L I K E . L E A V E S


My life, like a leaf there.
Stood waiting for you,
Like winds of change,
I feared that I’d fall.
Shit scared of stillness,
Damn afraid of storms.
So my love, I urge,
That when you come,
Come gentle and slow,
Shake me to and fro,
and rock my roots,
And caress my hair,
With soft whisps,
and gentle breeze.
Soon my wind you’d come.
Leaving me fondled and firm.

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The battle of denials,
Seems to never cease
Its been forever,
Since we have lost the ease
I deny to face the real
To wake up from the dream
To accept and to agree
And finally forget him
He denies to be,
In worst case with me
He denies every thought
That drags him back to me
We lie, amidst this
Win or lose stance
Not knowing who’s to win
And who’ll lose the chance