W H Y . D O N ‘ T . Y O U ?

Why don’t you, cover me up?
With your expanse, be my sky.
Why don’t you, tease me then,
With little gestures, reaching down?
Why don’t you, blind me now,
And let me guess, what you’re upto?
Why don’t you, come over me?
To weigh me down, till I sigh.
How I wish you come back.
Why don’t you?

– KV


M A K I N G . M E M O R I E S


C O G N I T I V E   T R E A S U R E S


The best part about making memories,
Is the greed for forever, the mad urge
To freeze that moment, for a lifetime.
To pause time and be fixed within it!
To passionately chase racing clocks.
To seize every possible figment then.
To give in, as if there’s nothing better
To live for and savour each moment.
To die for those who’re around you.
To write a tale, noone could ever write.
To cherish the unimaginable joys.
To witness something, so vividly unrealistic, that it’s always impossible to believe.