About Me


I am Khushboo Vyas, a simple yet passionate architect, an art maniac and a wanderlust enthusiast. I’ve been born and brought up in the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Being impulsive, I do not mind going to any extreme recourse to justify my passion. Ever since I grew up, observing people around me, reading their body language and understanding their gestures interested me a lot. I’m always in search of an escape from the city ruckus, to find myself sleeping under a starry night, or camping like a rustic nomad. My backpack is always ready, packed with a sketchpad, pencils; a half read book and my iPod. With a dab of sunscreen on my face, and Crocs on my feet, I set off, exploring landscapes and people.
To me life is simply a rundown of three elements; eat, pray and love. I love to walk through the typically Indian – Bazaar streets, full of life and motion, with swarms of people, chaos and colors. At times I even let my tongue relish little bit upon the sweet delicacies, sold by the vendor, sitting in a squeezed congested corner shack. Food is sometimes the best closure, my days can receive. Not to forget there’s even a side of mine, which loves to ponder and discuss upon spiritual and ecstatic experiences, question the purpose of life and debate upon the existence of super powers.
I felt being akin to art and architecture, when I realized how madly I was drawn towards galleries and craft fairs. And how a walk into the old town, was followed by an affair with a week full of vernacular design inspirations and improvisations. During the five years of bachelors programme, I greeted every day with the contentment of belonging where I always did. It made me develop into this keen individual, who jots random thoughts, into her diary with a tiny doodle and a streak of vibrant color running across the page. I also learned how to devote and commit better towards amending habits like reading and writing.
So this is all I can think of, that summarizes me. I merrily take up challenges come what may, and try as I can to accomplish them. I’m never hesitant to say yes to places unexplored and people unmet. I persist to make a difference to all those who made a difference to me by inspiring me in varied ways. I look forward to a life, where I drop pins onto newer destinations, and befriend people who continue to evolve me into a better human being.

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