T H E . P E E P S H O W

One after the other,
Light somehow found a way.
To enter into the dark play.

– KV


T H E . L O N E S O M E . C H A I R

A stained chair,
And a thousand guesses.
Till when would she wait?

– KV

W H Y . D O N ‘ T . Y O U ?

Why don’t you, cover me up?
With your expanse, be my sky.
Why don’t you, tease me then,
With little gestures, reaching down?
Why don’t you, blind me now,
And let me guess, what you’re upto?
Why don’t you, come over me?
To weigh me down, till I sigh.
How I wish you come back.
Why don’t you?

– KV


After you’ve lost all your clothing,
After you’re bare and vulnerable,
After you’re exposed to the worldliness,
After you’re split apart, wide open,
After you’re immersed in shyness,
You feel like nature’s coincidental creation.
You feel honest, having nothing to hide.
You feel close to who you actually are.

– KV


Someday, we’ll all end our journeys.
Some with achievements,
Some with resentments,
Some with pride and satisfaction,
Some with disappointment.
Some on their way, some already there.
On that pier of mortal remains,
Only ashes remain.

– KV


I will give you too, a rose.

My love,
We have found each other
Thirsty and we have
Drunk up all the water and the
We found each other
And we bit each other
As fire bites,
Leaving wounds in us.
But wait for me,
Keep for me your sweetness.
I will give you too
A rose.

– Pablo Neruda

B O R N . O F . D A R K N E S S

While the lights tried to outshine,
With all that noise and dazzle, a few,
Meek subtleties, preferred the quiet.
Peeking at you, and still remain unseen.
They murmur, in audible undertones.
Silently, in harmony, they expose.
And yet there absence is so fierce!
That these lights seem flagrant.
How often we just see the bright,
And do not question, what if?
Darkness was the mother, of all that shines?


M A K I N G . M E M O R I E S


C O G N I T I V E   T R E A S U R E S


The best part about making memories,
Is the greed for forever, the mad urge
To freeze that moment, for a lifetime.
To pause time and be fixed within it!
To passionately chase racing clocks.
To seize every possible figment then.
To give in, as if there’s nothing better
To live for and savour each moment.
To die for those who’re around you.
To write a tale, noone could ever write.
To cherish the unimaginable joys.
To witness something, so vividly unrealistic, that it’s always impossible to believe.

You remind me of…


You remind me of that stubborn tree,
Still standing next to my old house.
I built many memories around it.
While all it did was shed, just shed!
I went in circles, around and again,
Sang songs, laughed and cheered.
While all it did was shed, just shed!
I tried sticking to it, few paper leaves,
Even embracing it, with little arms .
While all it did was shed, just shed!
I tried carving my love, on its trunk.
Silly but truly, I tried too hard.
While all it did was shed, just shed!

Of . S U N S E T S . & . E V E N I N G S

These dusty roads, leading towards light
Where sun is reclining, and so am I.
A glass of tea, some sweet company.
Let’s savour these. Let strangers pry.