B O R N . O F . D A R K N E S S

While the lights tried to outshine,
With all that noise and dazzle, a few,
Meek subtleties, preferred the quiet.
Peeking at you, and still remain unseen.
They murmur, in audible undertones.
Silently, in harmony, they expose.
And yet there absence is so fierce!
That these lights seem flagrant.
How often we just see the bright,
And do not question, what if?
Darkness was the mother, of all that shines?



Beneath this Shamiana,
He swore to her, he’ll always be.
Her mate, through thick and thin.
She swore too, she’ll never leave,
His life, whether they lose or win.
In that moment, Gods testified.
For they just hint, how to begin.
But it’s us, on Earth, who carry on,
Either live to love, or be lost in sin.