T H E . P E E P S H O W

One after the other,
Light somehow found a way.
To enter into the dark play.

– KV


T H E . L O N E S O M E . C H A I R

A stained chair,
And a thousand guesses.
Till when would she wait?

– KV


After you’ve lost all your clothing,
After you’re bare and vulnerable,
After you’re exposed to the worldliness,
After you’re split apart, wide open,
After you’re immersed in shyness,
You feel like nature’s coincidental creation.
You feel honest, having nothing to hide.
You feel close to who you actually are.

– KV


Someday, we’ll all end our journeys.
Some with achievements,
Some with resentments,
Some with pride and satisfaction,
Some with disappointment.
Some on their way, some already there.
On that pier of mortal remains,
Only ashes remain.

– KV


B O R N . O F . D A R K N E S S

While the lights tried to outshine,
With all that noise and dazzle, a few,
Meek subtleties, preferred the quiet.
Peeking at you, and still remain unseen.
They murmur, in audible undertones.
Silently, in harmony, they expose.
And yet there absence is so fierce!
That these lights seem flagrant.
How often we just see the bright,
And do not question, what if?
Darkness was the mother, of all that shines?


M A K I N G . M E M O R I E S


C O G N I T I V E   T R E A S U R E S


The best part about making memories,
Is the greed for forever, the mad urge
To freeze that moment, for a lifetime.
To pause time and be fixed within it!
To passionately chase racing clocks.
To seize every possible figment then.
To give in, as if there’s nothing better
To live for and savour each moment.
To die for those who’re around you.
To write a tale, noone could ever write.
To cherish the unimaginable joys.
To witness something, so vividly unrealistic, that it’s always impossible to believe.

A Little List of Gifts – For anyone who loves design

The Blueprint Wrap

Often one gets bewildered and stuck while planning gifts for an upcoming occasion. On top of that a gift idea for a friend or a significant other who is an architect feels even harder to crack! Whether the giver belongs to the design community or not, an architect’s sophisticated taste cautions one.

Gifting here becomes an art of comprehending the other person’s taste and requirement. An act which demands thoughtfulness, consideration with a bit of humor and surprise. So apart from the conventional pricey presents bought from a stationer, or perhaps a set of literary classics on Corbusier, Kahn or Vitruvius, these are some quirky suggestions. One might want to have a quick look at this list. Depending on the purpose and penchant of an architect, the list appeals to every whim and affectation.

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Real Madrid’s New Headquarter | Rafael de La-Hoz

This design brings an end to Real Madrid’s search for a comprehensive corporate headquarter. The winning proposal for the design competition was selected for the unique balance between its futuristic outlook and viability. This entry comes from the studio of Rafael de La-Hoz, along with inputs from a building company Ferrovial Agroman. A building located right within the city of Valdebebas, Madrid; ‘Ciudad Realmadrid’ would encompass an area of 8,000 square meters once constructed.

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‘Soft In The Middle’ by Atelier 2B | Winner of ChiDesign Competition

‘Soft in the Middle’ presents a unique concept for CADE (Centre for Architecture, Design and Education) and CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) headquarters. Being one of the winning entries of ChiDesign  competition (organised by Chicago Architecture Foundation) , this proposal by Atelier 2B (Yewon Ji, Nicolas Lee and Ryan Otterson) proposes a facility with flexible and collaborative core.

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End of Sitting | RAAAF – Positive Magazine

An old saying ‘Excess is dangerous’ has proved pivotal for mankind and its evolution. With the increasing shortage of time, the affair of an office man with his desk/chair has intensified (literally and figuratively). Too much of sitting has made man a fixture to his chair. Exercise and fitness have become the least important priorities of a modern office goer. ‘End of Sitting’ is a leap into the experimental rooting, a probable answer to the issues of degenerating lifestyle and sedentariness of corporate culture.
End of Sitting | RAAAF – Positive Magazine