Pop-Up Building Milan | Daniel González


A Cardboard Fairy tale

Pop-up Building Milan ’ is an artistic interpretation of art, culture and architecture of Milan, trifling across the walls of a Milanese courtyard. A composition created with unconventional materials such as cardboard, adhesive tapes, varnish, cartons and zip ties, blithely peaking meaning and understanding of a place.  Daniel González, an Argentinian contemporary artist, hereby simplifies the entire city of Milan into a few components of rudimentary shapes and lucid forms.

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End of Sitting | RAAAF – Positive Magazine

An old saying ‘Excess is dangerous’ has proved pivotal for mankind and its evolution. With the increasing shortage of time, the affair of an office man with his desk/chair has intensified (literally and figuratively). Too much of sitting has made man a fixture to his chair. Exercise and fitness have become the least important priorities of a modern office goer. ‘End of Sitting’ is a leap into the experimental rooting, a probable answer to the issues of degenerating lifestyle and sedentariness of corporate culture.
End of Sitting | RAAAF – Positive Magazine

Ice Block 3D Printed Heels │United Nude – Arch2O.com


We’re all familiar how women go head over heels when they spot a stunning pair of heels. And again, a sensational pair of 3D printed high heels has been unveiled by United Nude (UN) at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event, reminding us of its marvelous predecessors from the ‘Reinventing Shoes’ collection. The new pepped up design is a result of UN’s collaboration with 3D Systems. These 8 inch high wedges have been 3D printed, into a form which seems as if volumetrically abstracted from a block of ice.

Ice Block 3D Printed Heels │United Nude – Arch2O.com

Cicada Pavilion │ Tomás amat estudio – Arch2O.com


Ever imagined that what would it be like to walk inside a cicada? Designed by Tomás amat estudio, the Cicada pavilion surely actualizes this experience, with a touch of vibrancy and swerve. Located in the 800 m exterior space of a former tobacco factory in Alicante, Spain, this huge morphogenetic permanent installation, built from contrasting materials, acts as a cultural magnet.  Across an area of 250 sq. meters (25 x 10 m), the cicada serves as a bar, kiosk and a restaurant.

Cicada Pavilion │ Tomás amat estudio – Arch2O.com