Hurt isn’t Enough

It’s never enough for you to hurt me, and you try endlessly.
Day after day, your ways turn brutal, and my pain manifolds.
You seem to heal my wounds with fresh cuts and blows.
You seem to numb my pain, with suffering and sadness.
You seem to dry my eyes, drying out all the tears I can have.
Leaving me rash eyed and blind, entirely to my imagination.
And you sever me blows, with sledgehammers so strong,
Wrecking every dream, every hope, brick by brick.
And flattening all the mounds of joy, that I possibly saw.
Shredding me into long threads of blood strewn strands.
And you ponder, for a moment, then and now,
how much more can you destroy me,
annihilate my very existence, evaporate me.
And you realise in the end, my dust will still remain.
So you slither me, blister me, burn my corpse.
When you realise my ashes still remain, your dismay
And you try to abjure all of it, get rid of it right away.
But you realise, I’ll exist, in minuscule somewhere,
And you scatter those fragments of ashes in the sea.
Believing I’ll sink, in the unfathomable depths.
You believe now, there’s no part of me alive.
But I still live, in the embrace of the empty,
In the arms of that, where you can never harm me.
And I still live, in the ocean of bliss, eternally,
For you’d never realize, how you blessed me.

– KV


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