Chinese real estate company, Vanke, commissioned this Pavilion, to represent the Chinese counterpart. One of the highlights of the 2015 World Expo hosted in Milan, Italy.

The Expo theme of “Feeding the Planet” is celebrated by innovatively reimagining the traditional Chinese Shitang (dining hall). The interior exhibition design is lead by Ralph Appelbaum (New York/Beijing) and graphic design by Han Jiaying (Beijing).

The concept for the pavilion is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape Painting Art called the Shan Shui ( mountain-water ). The pavilion aims to tell the story of civilization, technology and the 21st Century as well as offer a space for reflection and a celebration of different cultures.

Situated on the edge of the Lake Arena, 1000-square meter pavilion appears to rise from the east forming a dynamic vertical landscape. The design features a sinuous geometrical pattern that flows between inside and outside. The red serpentine form carves an opening up the middle to a grand staircase clad in a white mosaic tile. A roof-top observation desk will provide stunning views of the lake and near-by Italian pavilion. The pavilion is clad in an innovative three-dimensional red metalized tile that Libeskind designed with the Italian company Casalgrande Padana, the geometric ceramic panels not only create an expressive pattern, but they possess highly sustainable self-cleaning and air purification properties.

The exhibition is organized on two independent routes, from the inside towards the outside, and with a garden that is found on the roof. Inside visitors encounter a constellation of more than 300 screens mounted on a matrix of bamboo armatures. Short films weave throughout the series of screens capturing a glimpse into the everyday life of ordinary Chinese citizens expressing the importance of the Shitang in their daily lives.

The Pavilion will open in May 1, 2015 and will remain on view till October 31, 2015.



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