Right There

All this while, sneaked below my bed,
Sat so still, the shadow of dread.
Hidden in black, unseen unheard,
Sat he, dispersed in crimson red.

I saw today! I wish I had seen;
Him crouching beneath, so serene,
Since how long, and how much more;
Will it be, before he’s gone!

That fright of him, having noticed me
In thick and thin,
in lunacy and sanity,
When covered, when naked,
While building, when wrecked,
An anonymous witness to
Utmost privacy and vanity

Like a smoke of stealth,
An illusionary air of lure,
He settled, it seemed since forever,
En circling, my aura as a ruthless slayer.

For long, he lied ignored invisible,
Saw me living, shaky and feeble,
No more, from hereafter, said I
He must flee, elsewhere and die.

For he has been a live record,
Of my life and its accord.
Of rights and wrongs, truths and lies
My embrace with pious and vice.

For he’s the only being alive,
Who’s able to tell, a tale of my,
Ventures with strange men
And affairs with the profane,
I shan’t take, or share it with him
For I was unknown, while he was keen.

He has to seize, and end himself
Or I would do, the deeds of hell,
Corrode his every trace,
And erase him from the very face
Of this earth and history,
To safeguard my private and memory.



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