Spaces at a residential scale,interact with individuals, families or like minded collectives. As compared to
urban spaces, which interact and at times transform in relativistic to social agglomerations,
or diverse sections of the society. While the Corbusierian zeitgeist suggested
the machine aesthetics, that the space – man – space interaction can be seen as
a multimodal process. Contrary to what FLW posits, that a space is a natural
entity, which unfolds, transforms and diminishes. At any point of time, an
urban entity is dealing with a constellation of personalities engaged in typical
forms of collective behavior. The superficiality, anonymity and the transitory
character of urban-social relations make intelligible the sophistication and
the rationality ascribed to city-dwellers. The abstraction of social structure,
as perceived by the majority, focused on the quality of anonymity, presents an
urban setup, ideally suitable for everybody, actually targeting none of the
users. The weak or missing relatability of the spaces with its users, results
into a state of Anomie that Durkheim alludes to various forms of social
disorganization in the modern era. Or simply put, Chaos. Unlike an optimist’s
argument, advocating the doctrine of Order in Chaos, these spaces become urban anomalies.
Urban voids, figuratively and functionally. Spaces which connect to none, and
relate to none. These spaces of schizoid nature, are like vestigial organs of
the cities. Their presence or absence, have no significant impact onto the city
dwellers. Whether, these spaces are endowed with natural strengths or whether
they are a marginal empty lots. The degradation of urban pretermits to
anomalies, is a concern, as far as we believe that a city is shaped by its
dwellers, and the dwellers are shaped by their environment.

– KV


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